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1997 "GoWesty" Volkswagen Eurovan Camper

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Ready for your adventures!
If you’ve looked at good Eurovan campers you’ve come across If not, go check it out and you'll see what a great deal this is. This camper has been meticulously maintained. We just aren’t using it as much as we used to.

Engine: VR6
Options: All Factory Amenities
Color: White w/Grey Interior VIN: WV2EH8704VH134393
Mileage: 189K

Price: $21,500.00 cash or certified funds only

I was looking for a good VW Camper. I had owned one before and loved the freedom it gave when traveling. Unlike a larger RV you can go pretty much anywhere, camp in much more remote and pristine places. After doing a LOT of research I decided that the 80's era Westfalia models just didn't have the amenities and, more importantly, engine power to be practical driving long stretches of highways in the Western US. My research took me to (a great resource!). I was a little surprised at the prices but as I looked more I found that they were not much higher than private party sellers and were far more desirable. The lift kit, upgraded shocks and stabilizers are super-important. It makes the difference between the vehicle being able to drive on National Forest roads or just being limited to the highway. Definitely go to and check the prices on their current for-sale vehicles.

Early snow in Colorado

I bought this van in 2008 from Michael & Kathi, who bought it from GoWesty in 2007. Michael had to choose between keeping his sailboat and his GoWesty. He decided to keep the sailboat. I flew to California, checked out the van, and drove it home to Texas. Before I went I called GoWesty and asked them about this particular van. What about the mileage? The manager said "Don't worry about the mileage on these things. They will easily go 250-300K or more before needing anything, and the '97 engines are maybe even better than later ones because they put some stuff in there later to try and get a little more horsepower but at the expense of complicating the engine design."

My wife and I love the van. We've gone on a trip out west every year. We've had so many great times! We've camped in beautiful places you sure couldn't drive a regular RV and we love being able to just pull off on some dirt road and explore. We camped 30 feet from the North Rim of the Grand Canyon, nobody else around. That's the beauty and freedom of these things. But now we are wanting to go with our grandson and dogs, and it's just a little too small for all 5 of us...

Camping at the North Rim of the Grand Canyon

When I bought the van from Michael he said his philosophy was, "Classic items, well maintained," and that's the attitude I've brought to this. I've been very pro-active about maintenance and repairs. If something needs attention it gets it.

I'll be totally up front about any issues, and my pricing on the van reflects a discount for the few flaws. Here are the flaws I am aware of: 1) The pop-top has developed a slight bow, front to back. It was like this when I bought it and hasn't gotten worse. This bow created a few hairline cracks in the side of the pop-top - hardly noticable when closed (see the main profile photo at top, and the quarter-view photo just below) but they spread a bit when open (as shown in the photo below). It doesn't affect anything really so I have not dealt with it. It just looks a little funky. The tent screening itself also has a couple tears. This can be fixed with some some sticky screen tape if you don't want to get a new pop-top tent. 2) The Norcold multi-fuel refrigerators they put in these things can be a little finicky. It works great on battery and electricity but sometimes getting it lit on the propane fuel is difficult. Usually once you get it lit it will stay lit. It might just be the thermocouple. If you look at the GoWesty site you'll see that they have even stopped trying to repair these things, opting to put a modern battery operated fridge in it's place. This is what I'd do if we were keeping it. The ones they sell at GoWesty are top quality & pretty spendy but there are lots of options for 12v/110v units. You can even take the old fridge out and add additional storage cabinets (GoWesty sells a kit for this).

Those are really the only problems I can think of. If I think of any more I'll update this.

The van is located in either Austin, Texas or Marfa, Texas.

Bunch of photos below. SERIOUS BUYERS ONLY! Please do not waste our time if you're "just thinking" or looking to low ball me on the price.

Call or txt: 512-222-9375